Global Warming is Natural

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Carbon: The building block of life on earth. Plants create it, we exhale it. It generates, along with Oxygen, the Ying and Yang of our environment. Without Carbon, we would die, animals would die, and plants would die. All life on the planet would be rendered useless and nonexistent. Without the existence of Carbon, Earth would be a desolate ball orbiting the Sun without so much as a single celled organism crawling on the surface. Carbon is essential to life itself.

Now… on to why our politicians want to get rid of it.

Apparently, according to congress, not only is Carbon ‘not’ vital to life on Earth, but it is an affront to our planet’s very existence. In short… our government is full of complete, uncompromising idiots. You see, apparently, the Globe has been warming. Never mind that the mean temperature of our planet has remained the same since 1979 ( And never mind that the level of ice in the sea hasn’t gone down since the same date.(
Oh, and never mind that for the past three years there has been no rise in sea levels. ( Or that hurricane and typhoon activity is at a record low (
I’m sure that it’s all part of a vast conspiracy to try and debunk the widely accepted “fact” of Global Warming.

Let’s get a few basic questions out of the way shall we…

Does our planet get warmer? Of course it does, and it also gets cooler (as it has been over the past couple of decades), then it gets warmer again. This is all part of the natural process called… the environment. The environment, it seems, actually exists without the Government’s approval. In fact, it’s existed without human interaction for millions of years.

Is global warming harmful to the planet? Absolutely not. All warming and cooling cycles are part of the environment correcting itself (like any organism). Sure, in some cases species go extinct, and others spring into existence. Over the past million years, billions upon billions of species have gone extinct and the same number fills their absence. After all, we are a byproduct of the mass-extinction of the Dinosaurs.

Do we cause global warming? There’s no evidence to show this to be the case. Our existence on this rock is so infinitesimally small compared to all of Earth’s history that we should have had little to no effect at all on the entire environmental structure in existence millennia before we came into the picture. Our use of fossil fuels, of course, has only been in use for the better part of 2 centuries… a spec of a spec on the timeline of our planet’s environmental history. To think that we’ve actually had some massive effect on the environment that will lead to catastrophe is actually quite arrogant and ignorant of us to imagine.

Doesn’t everyone believe in global warming? No. In fact over 31,000 scientists (including 9,000 with PhDs) have protested the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in opposition to the “undebatable” position on human-caused global warming. ( Those scientists in favor of the theory: 3,750… sounds like this issue has really been decided.

But don’t they have the numbers on their side? Not really. In fact much of the information has been skewed. Temperature gages are often placed in urban areas, next to heat sources like asphalt paving, air conditioning vents, and buildings. In fact, even with the current numbers the magnitude at which global warming has increased over the past century and a half is only 0.7 degrees Celsius (of course the margin of error is well above 1.0 degrees Celsius). There is also a reason to be skeptical, as the scientists who favor the theory of man-made Climate Change are generally on the government payroll or work for the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) directly. Some have even admitted to skewing evidence to favor politically expedient ideals.
For example: Stephen H. Schnieder, a Climate Change researcher personally named by Obama in a speech just a month ago, said to Discover Magazine that: “We have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements, and make little mention of any doubts we might have. Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest.”  Funny how so many Scientists and Politicians seem to have that “quality” in common.

Isn’t global warming causing havoc all across the planet? No. In fact not one single person has been killed by Global Warming. No major species have gone extinct. Both the Antarctic and Greenland Ice-caps are stable. The sea levels have not risen over the past three years. No droughts, floods, fires, or other natural disasters have been scientifically linked to “Global Warming”. (Al Gore “saying so” doesn’t count as a reliable source) And temperatures, on average, have been staying the same, or even going down, in the past three decades.
Sure the environment continues to be subject to change, as it always is, but it has had no dramatic or catastrophic effect on us, or any other species for that matter, that isn’t automatically corrected by the planet or adapted to by the beings living on it.

When all the evidence is added up, global warming is a very large and very effective fraud. Politically favored scientists are automatically given the front stage in the government and the media. By claiming the debate is over, people are easily swayed into compliance with the popular belief. The media run specials; every other show on television mentions it as an absolute fact. Any dissent is swiftly silenced. In fact, Nobel Prize Winner Paul Krugman recently stated that anyone who opposed the theory of Global Warming was a traitor to the planet.

Environmentalism, in and of itself, is a troubling prospect. Essentially, the philosophy is that all things not-human are morally superior to all things human. The very word ‘environment’ means… not-human. Environmentalism is, for all intents and purposes, an anti-human ideology.

They say anyone who opposes them is full of hate. But their hate of the human race is all to evident. The cars we drive, the fuel we burn, the fires we make in our grills, the factories we run to produce food that feeds the hungry, the machines we use to speed up efficiency in producing essential materials for our survival, and tools we use for our luxury and happiness (i.e. The light we use to enable our eyesight during the dark), are all hated by the environmentalist. If they had their way, all of industrial society would be stopped. All the advancements that have brought food to the hungry, wealth to the impoverished, healthcare to the sick, and luxury and happiness to a world once hampered by the absence of capitalism and progress… would be halted and reversed. They would make us stop breathing if they could.

Yet their ideals are even more frightening when fully thought out. A report was released last year linking bodily gas from cows to be a lead cause of Climate Change. Dennis Kucinich, in a speech before congress, claimed that we need to seek a “Carbon free world.” A carbon free world. A world without humans, animals, or plants. Without carbon, no life.

In the early 20th century another fallacious ideology seemingly steeped in science and apparently proven beyond doubt, came into popularity. It was embraced by governments and the media. This theory… racial Darwinism. The ideal that different races within the species homo-sapien, are competing for dominance. That the Aryan race is perfect, and the other races imperfect. That to rid society of the “lesser” races was to rid civilization of poison. They attempted to base this argument on false assumptions and ridiculous “evidence”. And yet it led to the deaths of millions of Jews at the hands of the Nazi Government in Germany.

What are we facing today? Another false ideal supported by the government, media, and accepted by the majority of the populace. A dangerous ideal, that would lead to the crippling of the economy (at the worst possible time), the hampering of human civilization and progress, and if it were possible the eradication of humanity and all life on planet earth.

Not only is Environmentalism, in its ultimate finality, an anti-human ideology, but an anti-life ideology. It appears to be a well-intentioned belief aimed at compassion for the plants and animals that surround us (at the expense of compassion for humanity… such as the thousands of starving people relying on the mass production of food in factories). But, though it is originally well-intentioned, is full of ignorance and highly dangerous beliefs.

Of course the Government, always grasping for more power and authority, jumped on this like a fat kid on a cupcake. They use this completely bogus notion to expand it’s rule over the average American. They can steal more of your money, regulate more of your life, print more money devaluing your savings, create more agencies and pass more laws affecting you… in the name of “saving the environment”.

What politicians are after should be obvious to any person with half a brain. But, due to the fact that Michael Jackson continues to be dead, the media refused to cover the Cap and Trade bill in congress. This monster of a bill will lead to more taxes, more control, and more government in the holy name of the environment. It will be the nail in the coffin of our economy, it will bankrupt us as a nation, and it will have no effect on the climate whatsoever.

When all is said and done, the Earth is going to shake our species off like a bunch of fleas… and it will make no difference to it at all. The planet will continue… but if we keep doing what we’re doing, humanity might not.

– Justin T. Buell; June 29, 2009


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