The Nation’s Debt: The forgotten crises

Posted: August 17, 2009 by administrator in Uncategorized

With all the debate recently about government sponsored health care, many have forgotten the overriding crises that captivated the headlines just six or so months ago in the wake of government bailout after bailout – the ever increasing (almost) 12 trillion dollar national debt.

With some of our young people realizing that, so far, their personal share of that debt rest right around $40,000.00, they’re getting a little insubordinate and speaking out.

Elsewhere, citizens are joining together and investing in billboards to express their frustration.

But popular media seems to be ignoring the underpinning issue in favor of the buzz around whether Obama can sell the public on a government health care scheme.

With Amtrak a long forgotten government run experiment; the post office going out of business; Medicare/Medicaid a real look into what government provided care would be like; and our government’s inability to take care of its own veterans, it is just a matter of time before the popular media will no longer be able to ignore the gorilla standing in the corner.


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