The False Certainty of the State

Posted: August 21, 2009 by administrator in Uncategorized

Chains of GovernmentThe declaration that without the State, there would be lawlessness is as silly as saying that without the Government, rivers would not run, rain would not fall, and the Earth would cease to revolve around the Sun. In fact, a Stateless society would entail more order and a much better legal system. Rather than have a certain organization receive the special right to control the others, setting different classes within society at odds, reactionary law would apply to everyone. There would be no legal form of aggression against person and property. Order would be natural rather than artificial, authentic instead of fiat, and truly founded in justice.

While it may be true that all societies have systems of Hierarchies and Elites; However, these hierarchies form themselves naturally in society. Businessmen who provide best for the common good are rewarded the public’s trust and money. Celebrities are favored for their talent. Intellectual elites are respected for their wisdom and knowledge.

The State, on the other hand, creates entrenched elite class of nobles. Rather than receive their support voluntarily, based on their actions, the politicians and bureaucrat within the State take what they need by force, whether they serve the public interest well or not. They live parasitically off of society, and provide nothing in return (with the exception of services that would have been offered better, and more ethically, on the free market).

The intellectuals and plutocrats (rich) who become intertwined with the
State’s purpose, receive their wealth and recognition through the false legitimacy the State places upon them. Intellectuals (and in the past, religious clerics) lie for the State, and trick the all too trusting public to support its violence and various evils. This process is known as Mystification. Plutocrats usually run the show. The politicians, motivated by power-lust and greed in the first place, (seeking an easier way to make money without actually having to work for it), will quickly accept the money of the Plutocrats in order to enact the policies favored by the special interests.

The theory that a State can be limited to certain functions by a written constitution is a false assumption, and probably the noblest aspiration of Classical Liberals, and the founders of this country. All experiments to limit the State have failed (i.e. the Magna Carta, the Bill of Rights, the U.S. Constitution).

Words on paper are meaningless, except they be supported by the public. Tradition might ensure liberty for a while, and the motives that brought about the limitations in the first place might last for a period in the hearts and minds of the people… but eventually the nature of the State prevails.

“Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely”, as Lord Action correctly stated. When given the power to control, monopolize, and use force to enforce its policies, those with authority will abuse it. And a paper will not constrain the politicians and rulers if it is not enforced. This is a conundrum, as the only enforcers are also within the State apparatus. Can the pitcher also be the referee? If so, there will always be strikes.

Those who argue that there are separate branches, I retort: All branches come back to the same stem, the same root, the same plant. They all serve the purpose of the same entity.

Justin Buell; August 2008

  1. Hey good stuff…keep up the good work! 🙂

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