The Citizen’s Duty

Posted: August 31, 2009 by Eric B. Hoffman in Uncategorized

Liberty Tree

Liberty Tree

To refresh the Tree of Liberty might be among the greatest services a Citizen can provide his Republic, and to do so requires the total surrender of safety and security in the name of Freedom. For there is no safety so great than that found among a People who are free from any undue burden of law and order that would usurp their natural rights. That Blood of Patriots, true patriots, is shed when Freedom and Liberty, as weak as they are to protect us from those who would abuse them, are abused. But this gross abuse, as terrible as its consequences have been, is no excuse or reason for the abandonment of Liberty. The price of Freedom, that blood that refreshes the tree, must be paid by the Citizen, who by demanding freedom and self-determination, recognizes and willingly takes the risk that such Liberty brings.


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