Abraham Lincoln’s Federal Invasion of the Southern Confederacy and the Downfall of the United States of America

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LoncolnAbraham Lincoln was an Illinois lawyer who worked for the Northern Pacific Railroad company, among other railroad industries, as what would be called nowadays: A Lobbyist. Lincoln had married into a wealthy family (the Todd’s), and made millions (and that was back in the 19th century) off of his practice. He became the most well known lawyer for industries by the 1850’s. His political hero was Henry Clay. He eventually decided to try his hand at politics, in the Whig party, by running for elected office in Illinois. He managed to climb his way up to Congress, and in a surprise nomination and dark-horse win… the Presidency.

An ardent believer in high tariffs, corporate subsidies, and a national bank… Lincoln spent his entire political career advocating these principles. However, with the dissolve of the Whig party in the mid-1850’s, a new third party arose out of the ashes. The Republican Party was born. No one would have predicted Lincoln’s nomination in 1860 as Republican Presidential Nominee, except of course for the Railroad Companies who financed his campaign. His amazing ability for speech, rhetoric, and charisma made him a perfectly viable candidate.

In November of 1860 he was elected President. He promised to raise the tariff rate to 50%, a move that would destroy the southern economy, as well as the imposition of a National Bank, and an expenditure to create a Railroad that would stretch across the western territories all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Naturally, in response to these promises, the Southern States threatened secession.

In his inaugural address Lincoln specified his stance on secession, claiming it was “anarchy”. He took a completely illogical view that the Union was perpetual, and eternal, rather than a voluntary union and contract made by sovereign states. This pseudo-religious view of American history was absurd and radical. He said that the states did not have the right to secede, and that, in order to ensure his tariff was paid, he would use force if necessary. In response, other States seceded, including Virginia.

Lincoln immediately moved Federal Troops into the formerly abandoned Fort Sumter in South Carolina (which South Carolinian’s claimed for their own). After South Carolinas attempt to reclaim their stolen property, an act in which no one was killed or injured, Lincoln used this “attack” as an excuse to raise troops to invade the southern states who claimed independence, and to quell the “rebellion”.

What followed was the bloodiest war in human history up to that point. Lincoln micromanaged the bombardment of peaceful southern cities, allowed the killing of southern civilians, and even signed a law making every woman in New Orleans a prostitute so that the invading Union army could legally rape them. In the North he declared martial law, suspended habeus corpus (an act that can only be imposed by congress, and only under rebellion and invasion, which the invasion of the south was certainly not), shut down opposition newspapers, arrested members of the Maryland legislature (who were going to vote for secession) indefinitely, without warrant or trial. He also arrested any who opposed the war publicly, censored and monitored telegraph communication, instituted the first draft in American History, fixed northern elections, threatened to invade northern states if they voted to secede, sent political prisoners to Fort Lafayette (where many were tortured), violated the second amendment in border states, and ignored Supreme Court orders. After the war was over the Supreme Court ruled that these acts were unabashedly unconstitutional.

For those who claim the war was fought for slavery, I point to history. Lincoln was, for one, a white supremacist and member of the Free Soilers (who wanted to “free” American soil of blacks entirely), and was also the leader of an Illinois group who wanted to deport all blacks to Liberia, Haiti, or elsewhere in Africa. Lincoln originally had a plan to remove all blacks (free or slave) to Liberia, and even asked various black abolitionist leaders to go there as an example. He clearly stated in the Lincoln-Douglass debates that he never believed that the two races could live side by side, or that blacks could gain citizenship in any form.

Lincoln was never an abolitionist before 1862. In fact, in 1861 (before his inauguration) he led the fight in congress to adopt an amendment to the constitution barring the Federal Government from ever interfering with slavery, as long as the southern states remained in the Union and paid their dues in tariffs. He only resorted the “Emancipation Proclamation” (which only applied to the slaves in Confederate States, not to slaves under Union control, or in Union slave states like Kentucky, Maryland, or West Virginia) was only used as a tool to further the war effort. Many slaves were still owned legally in the North.

His blockade of the South was one of many attempts to enforce his Tariff on the various states fighting for their independence.

That the south seceded for slavery is also a lie. Jefferson Davis, in his inaugural address, never once mentioned the word ‘slavery’, saying only that the South had a right to peacefully secede and claim independence. He stuck on the issue of the Tariff more than any other.

In fact, the abolition of slavery was a very popular sentiment, not for humanitarian reasons, but for racist (free soilers) and economic reasons. The northern workers did not want expansion of slavery (and abolished it gradually in the first place) because it threatened the new system of industry and labor they had come to rely on. Most southerners did not own slaves, and did not care for the elite that did. They too felt out competed by slaves, and the institution would have no doubt ended in southern states within the decade.

The real reason for the war, a reason that has been swept under the rug, was both philosophical and usual. The philosophical reasons was the old Hamiltonian vs. Jeffersonian state’s rights argument. Did state’s have the right to secede from the union? Was the union voluntary? Was the union “perpetual” in nature? Lincoln believed that states were not sovereign, the old ideal of Jeffersonian federalism was archaic, and the union was “eternal” and “in absolvable”. Though he was wrong, ethically and legally speaking, he was willing to kill 600,000 people to prove himself right.

The personal reasons, however, was that of greed and money. The projects of the Federalists, Whigs, and Republicans were intertwined with big business, banking institutions, and railroad industries. Lincoln’s tariff on the southern economy was of utmost importance to the Republicans at the time, and they fought a bloody war against their own countrymen to ensure they got their due.

Those that argue for Lincoln generally use the excuse that he “saved the union”, and geographically and politically speaking, they are correct. But philosophically speaking, they are dead wrong. The union, as the founders envisioned, is gone. This is no longer a voluntary union. States no longer have the rights of nullification and secession. The Federalist Republic is dead and buried, what is left is the consolidated federal empire Hamilton dreamed of. Jefferson is rolling over in his grave no doubt. No longer is the Government bound by that old, meaningless document… The U.S. Constitution. It is only used now for symbolic and ceremonial purposes.

In fact, those who argue this point, should try seeing it in simpler terms. Imagine a wife divorces her husband, then imagine the husband hunts down his wife, beats her into submission, and chains her in his house. All of this certainly can be construed as “preserving the union” no doubt.

So, 1865 saw the end of the American Republic, the confederacy of independent and sovereign states, and Jeffersonianism. What we are left with now is an Empire of Tyranny, a consolidated “Nation”, and Hamiltonianism run amok.

You would be hard pressed to find a person in America today who doesn’t believe “Father Abraham” was the greatest (or one of the greatest) presidents in our history, sent straight from God to save the Nation. To them, he freed the slaves and saved the union, end of story. Some may say that history is not important, that we shouldn’t even address these issues. Yet, of all issues, history is probably the most important.

History is a mirror image of ourselves. If we are to learn from our mistakes, we must understand the truth of the matter. The Lincoln Cult today compasses both Neo-Conservatives (using the deification of the State and the presidency to justify their wars, abuses of liberty, and nationalist patriotism) and Liberals (using the same deification to justify Marxism, Central Planning, and myriad other State abuses).

Yet, even in modern times, we can see the blessings that are bestowed upon people through the act of secession. The Soviet Union dissolved in 1991, former socialist republics claiming their sovereignty and becoming independent. Here in the U.S. we hailed this act of secession as freedom marching on. Yet in our own history, we are headed in the opposite direction.

Gorbechev, a communist dictator, thankfully had more common sense than Lincoln and decided not to invade the seceding states. Lincoln, on the other hand, has more in common with Lenin and Bismarck who united their nations under one consolidated empire… All three leading to worse dictatorships down the line (Stalin, Hitler, Roosevelt). Lincoln has served as America’s own Julius Caesar, creating an Empire out of a Republic.

The rights of states are no longer held sacred in this country, so neither is the rights of free people. The federalist system hasn’t been entirely dismantled, but it has been effectively neutered. The powers of secession and nullification have been removed, essentially castrating and mutilating the Jeffersonian model. While personal slavery has been abolished, we are all now made slaves of the Federal Government, our masters housed in Washington. Our money is taxed, our lives are regulated, and imperialist wars are constantly fought for Nationalism and Patriotism. We gladly put our hands over our hearts and pledge our allegiance to a flag, reciting a socialist poem written for nationalist purposes. We never question it, we never asses the current American system of government and compare it to that which our founders presented to us.

The greatest safeguard of our liberty has been demolished… State’s Rights. Now we must accept what is given to us. Our votes mean nothing when the nation is controlled by a two-party duopoly, democratic process is rendered null and void when those who count the votes are the only ones to really count. We now have regressed into a plutocratic oligarchy, with a national bank, a high tax rate, and a corporatist-government relationship that Hamilton would have surely been giddy to see made reality. Our freedoms are gone, only a remnant left behind.

It is because of this that we must return to the ideals of the founders, of Jefferson, of the Constitution, if we are to make any progress. We must return to the 10th amendment, and demand state’s rights be restored. If the Federal Government does not hear our demands, then we must take the same path as our founding fathers (both those who succeeded, in 1787, and those who failed, in 1865). We must recognize the right of nullification, and especially secession, if we are to be free once again.

The next time you are told to recite the pledge of allegiance to the flag (a notion our founders would have thought to be ridiculous), or are told the myth of “Honest Abe”, remember who wrote that pledge, and remember it’s purpose. Remember the facts about the Antebellum period in America, and the abuses at the hands of the tyrannical Lincoln. Remember Jefferson, and his fight for state’s rights, and remember the constitution of the United States. Remember that we are a voluntary union, and can be dissolved. Understand that the Federal Government today has become destructive to it’s ends, and equally destructive to our liberty. Remember the Declaration of Independence and the Revolution that brought America into being in the first place.

I say, unequivocally, that we are in fact not one nation, and that we are indeed divisible. I pledge allegiance to Freedom not to a Flag, or Nation, or State. America was founded on Secession… I say it’s time we remember our heritage.

– Justin T. Buell


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