All the President’s Children

Posted: September 8, 2009 by elutherian in Uncategorized

President Obama addressesToday, Tuesday, September 8th, 2009, the President of the United States of America gave a speech to schoolchildren all across the country. Liberals swooned over the Messiah‘s new idea, Conservatives were enraged, and children just wished they could sleep in this morning and not have to go back to Government Indoctrination Camp, and be able to stay home with their families.

“What’s the big deal?” Asks the Media. Why is everyone so up in arms over a speech by the President of the United States made to school children? Reagan did it, Bush Sr. did it… why can’t Obama do it? Is it because he’s black? Is it because he’s a Democrat? It seems so simple. What’s so wrong with Barry delivering a harmless “Stay in School” address, to encourage kids to study hard and listen to their parents?

No Liberals, the opponents of this speech are not Racists. They are not neo-Nazis, KKK members, militia members or domestic terrorists. They are concerned parents, who just happen to be involved in partisan politics. They probably don’t even have a clue what the President wanted to say, nor do they really care. They just don’t like Obama, and would be critical of the way he sneezed if they could get away with it.

No Conservatives, Obama is not going to tell your kids to be Communists. He isn’t going to indoctrinate them to be mind-controlled zombies for his own purposes, or make them serve his political platform. He isn’t the Antichrist, Hitler re-incarnated, a Muslim terrorist, or a secret Soviet hell-bent on destroying America. He’s a man, a politician. He’s doing what he thinks is right to do as President, and isn’t doing anything so drastically different than his predecessors. His followers don’t hate America, they aren’t Communists or Terrorists, nor do they want to force your kids to believe like themselves.

All that said, I think this serves as a hard lesson on Politics, the State, and Government run education.

After reading Mr. Obama’s speech, I was left altogether underwhelmed and utterly unimpressed. It’s your average, bland, clichéd political rhetoric written by some beauracrat for the President to read from a teleprompter. It’s full of lines telling kids to “respect their parents and teachers”, “don’t drop out, be a success”, and “fulfill your potential”. It’s also stuffed to a busting point with ridiculously shameless attempts to relate to today’s youth.

“I’ve talked about your parents’ responsibility for making sure you stay on track, and get your homework done, and don’t spend every waking hour in front of the TV or with that Xbox” quipped Obama. I’m sure the kids were falling out of their chairs with laughter after hearing that jewel. It almost sounds like something former President Bush might have said, and mispronounced, in his unabashed southern brogue… if indeed he even knows what an Xbox is.

There was also plenty of dialogue promoting the importance of “responsibility” to the country, and to the government. No doubt every Presidential speech is riddled with State-aggrandizing vocabulary. And this is nothing new to us, or to our children. I’m sure most were to busy listening to their ipod, or texting, or just goofing off. Elementary school kids probably couldn’t have cared less, Kindergarten toddlers more than likely had no clue what he was even talking about.

Of course, in High School, I’m sure there were many adamant supporters (mainly due to their parents support) who listened with intent. And I’m also sure a few children of Conservatives stayed home this morning. A handful of schools didn’t even air the short speech, out of fears of political division among the students that may have debilitated their ability to study.

So was this, all in all, really as horrible as it was all made out to be? No, of course not. The world didn’t end, nobody was killed, and Red Armies didn’t march through the streets killing the Bourgeoisie and crying for justice in the name of the Proletariat. Yet, there is still an underlying problem here that is psychologically harmful to the adults of this country, as well as the children.

What is that problem? It’s the promotion, and exaggeration, of the State. Why is it that the Federal Government is so important in our lives? Why is it that a speech by the President of the United States is of such magnitude, that all of our children must sit and listen to a message they either already know, or wouldn’t give a damn about if Jesus came to them and screamed it in their adolescent faces.

Our Government has gotten so out of control, so beyond the law that originally bound it, that what was once of little significance, has now become an all too imperative presence in our daily lives. The centralization of education in the hands of the State is another thing that has led to this moment. Of course this was bound to cause problems. There are always going to be disagreements… thus why the free market gives us so many options. But when it comes to the education of our children, it is all in the hands of the Government.

If parents are to send them to a school of their choice, or perhaps attempt to educate them at home, they can do so only under the sanction of politicians. Most are forced to send their kid to the local public school, where the teachers unions are in charge, and Department of Education curriculum is standard. Parents have relinquished responsibility, and allowed beauracrats to teach their children what to think, believe, and how to act.

Now there are exceptions. In fact, if not for a teacher of mine, I would not have been led in the belief I now hold regarding politics, and would not be writing this at the moment. But the problem is not the people, people are always mixed (good and bad)… it is the system. The lack of choice creates these pointless debates. Should science classes teach evolution, creationism, or intelligent design? Why not all of them at once? Should kids pledge allegiance to the flag of our country? Should God be mentioned within it’s contents? Should our children be allowed to wear what they want to express themselves, or should they wear standard uniform to learn how to conform? How many rights, privileges, and liberties can the students have on school grounds? Should the chief executive of the federal government give a speech to all students, in every state?

In a normal setting, these problems would be rendered moot. Parents would simply choose what is best for their child by educating them theirselves, or hiring someone they trust to do exactly what they want. The free market would provide multiple options, and the prices would be cheap if competition were rampant, as in every other service and product. The lack of unionization would mean more efficiency and quality in educators and staff. All the arguments between parents would be nowhere found in a society where education was free from Government control. Parents would pay their hard earn money to whomever they wished, and not be taxed at the point of a gun to pay for a service they have no choice at all in deciding over.

But, unfortunately, this is not the case. The State has control over education, and what few freedoms parents have over their children are swiftly disappearing. Thus, we have all been taught to see the Federal Government as supreme, to respect elected officials, and to serve our country (read: Politicians) when it (they) call upon us to do so. The President has ceased to be a servant of the people, the sovereign states, and the Constitution. He is instead someone to be served by the people and the states, someone to respect, not on the merit of good deeds, but merely on the merit of holding office. The concept of earned respect has been replaced by the old idea of esteem and reverence for the leader, simply because he is the leader. Do not question, do not rebel, just obey.

This is exactly the state of mind we must reject, and we must have our children to reject. It’s so subliminal, so subtle, that we don’t even see it happening. Our children certainly don’t notice it, and neither did any of us when we attended school. The truth is that the President is no one to respect, he isn’t someone to admire. He is supposed to be questioned, mocked, watched, threatened, and strictly made to follow the rule of law. The State is not something to put on a pedestal, it is not holy, or righteous. It is a thieving, killing, and oppressing machine. We have been taught to ignore that, and to see the Government as a positive force in society. We have been taught that the worst tyrants in our history were great heroes, and we should seek politicians who resemble their ideologies. This only goes to prove that State Education is exactly as dangerous as the freedom fighters of old warned.

I found, in Obama’s speech, one line in particular, that stood out to me, not only as a egregious misrepresentation of our history, but as indicative of every reason we should be opposing this act of the President.

He said: “It’s the story of students who sat where you sit 250 years ago, and went on to wage a revolution and found this nation.”

Did I hear you correctly Mr. President? Students who sat where our kids our sitting, 250 years ago, that went on to throw a revolution? You mean the Founding Fathers, I presume? Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Henry, Hancock? Do I have your point correctly pegged?

Then it would be prescient for you to learn, Mr. President, that not a single one of these men went to public school. Not a single one of them sat where our kids sit, listening to you, today. They were home-schooled, tutored, and sent to private schools. They were well educated men, in history, science, literature, and mathematics. They went on to fight a revolution, against the tyrannical State of their time, against every violation of liberty you and your partners now sanction and promote. These men you refer to would have found the King of England making a speech to their children reason enough to take to the streets with rifles and pitchforks. They would have never imagined a President of their new country doing something even a Monarch they fought vehemently against never contemplated doing.

Perhaps you should have chosen your words more wisely Mr. President.

No matter what all of you did today… what your children did. Whether they sat and listened, stayed home, or actively protested in some form of demonstration… go on and forget about this incident. Worse things could have happened.  The whole thing was rather ordinary in the end. It’s nothing out of character for the politicians, the State, and the President in today’s world. And this is truly the problem isn’t it, in every situation… they’re too important. They think they are important, and we think they are important.

But the truth is, our children are far more important than they ever will be.


– Justin T. Buell

  1. radicalthought says:

    Justin, good work again. Well said.

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