The FDA Bans Flavored Cigarettes

Posted: September 22, 2009 by elutherian in Uncategorized

Apparently the Fascist Doofuses Administration thinks we’re too immature to decide what we can and cannot ingest into our body. Not that this comes as any surprise. Decades of a relentless, bloody, and costly War on Drugs speaks volumes to the lengths politicians will go in order to keep us in line.

Of course the reason stated here are, as usual, the Children. The State, when in doubt, will always use the Big Three excuses to make their otherwise asinine argument sound somewhat rational. Patriotism, Crisis, and Children are words that leave politicians mouths all too often. The problem is that the average American is so enamored by these things he actually thinks doing what the Government tells him to do will alleviate the whatever crisis has come about, and that they will actually protect his children. (And don’t even get me started on the uselessness and insanity of Patriotism)

The real reason for this is control. We are marching closer and closer to a Totalitarian society every day, losing our freedoms inches at a time. This is a real crisis; this is what is truly threatening to our children.

-Justin Buell

  1. radicalthought says:

    So now the federal government has potentially created a lucrative black market in flavored cigarettes. I wonder what a pack of favored cigs will go for after October, 2009. A pretty lucrative opportunity for some enterpriser willing to shoulder the risks for a hefty profit.

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