Swine Flu Declared a National Emergency?

Posted: October 28, 2009 by elutherian in Uncategorized


1,000 deaths have been reported (few of them have been proven cases of the swine flu, and most of the persons who died had pre-existing conditions), so President Obama (his name be praised) has declared a National Emergency. Yet, last year the reported deaths of the regular seasonal flu was 63,000:(http://www.wrongdiagnosis.com/f/flu/deaths.htm)

This does not a National Emergency make. H1N1 is simply a mild form of the seasonal flu, and has only killed those with pre-existing conditions, lowered immune systems, and children/elderly/pregnant women.

The real reason for this “National Emergency” is to remove any rules in the Federal Government’s path in order to declare quarantines and force innoculations. This could be a backdoor strategy by this administration to declare Martial Law.

The vaccinations themselves have not been properly tested, and early results have yet to show their real effect on the populace. The innoculations could make the problem worse, and carry dangerous side-effects. We have to resist this vaccination. Those who make it are not to be trusted (many are proffessed Eugenicists), and neither is the Government (who only wants more power), nor the media (who is paid by the manufacturers and monopolistic pharmecutical agencys.


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