Party Crashers

Posted: November 29, 2009 by elutherian in Uncategorized

The horrible news is all over the Kingdom today. Apparently some serfs dressed up as nobility and barged their way past the gaurds into the King’s castle feast. Who do these peasants think they are!? They are neither tax-feeders nor wealthy and famous nobility! How dare they come to the feast uninvited and ruin the King’s good meal!         

Afterall, they actually conversed with the upper classes and ate with the Lords, infecting them with their inferiority. Imagine if they had actually touched his Highness! They could have been robbers and looted all the treasure, or they could have been murderers and killed all the very important individuals who attended the feast. How did they sneak past the castle gaurds? What manner of treason is it that this crime go unpunished? But not for long! We shall ensure that this sort of behavior is never perpetrated again by making an example of them! I say we burn them at the stake for this heresy!

The Royal Gaurds ensure us that the next celebration will be more closely watched and his Majesty will not be disturbed again.
– J. Buell

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