Barack of Kabul

Posted: December 3, 2009 by elutherian in Uncategorized

Obama pinky-promises to leave Afghanistan by 2012 (what a coincidental date, I believe that’s also the year he’s up for re-election), but in the meantime he’s going to send 30,000 more young Americans to die for an oil pipeline, I mean fighting the Taliban, I mean killing al-CIAda, I mean spreading democracy, I mean finding Osama, I mean… Pirates?

Notice he says he could have troops on the ground by Christmas (the birthday of the ‘Prince of Peace’).

What a wonderful sentiment. Perhaps we should wrap the bombs we drop indiscriminately on civilians (ie. potential terrorist insurgent islamo-fascist hitler-reincarnates) with colorful red and green paper. Or maybe we should strap a ribbon on every grenade used to blow brown people’s bodies into smitherines. You know what they say, every time you hear an Afghan mother crying over her dead baby the CEO of an Oil Company gets a payraise.

God bless us, every one…. See More


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