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The False Promise of Democracy

Posted: August 25, 2009 by elutherian in Uncategorized

Democracy mobCan a Democracy be a check on the powers of the State? It can if merely being larger in numbers makes the State wise. And the equally ridiculous cliché: “We are the Government” is easily seen to be fallacious. If it were so, then the Jews in Germany (a nation who elected the Nazi’s democratically) must have not been murdered, but instead committed suicide.

Men do not think collectively, they do not feel collectively, and they do not act collectively. They think, feel, and act as individuals only. Though interaction is necessary and association beneficial, that we are ultimately free individuals is of utmost importance to understand.

Democracy is not a cure for social ills, the fix for all that ails the world, instead it is merely one disease replacing another. The rule of the dictator vs. the rule of the mob may be a debate to be had, but I have a much better preference… to self-govern.

Also, we must understand how silly it is to think democracy, in any fashion, can long exist in that structure. Once representatives are elected, they automatically constitute an Oligarchy (the rule of a few). The notion that they represent “us” (again a misconstruction of terms) is simply a fictitious supposition. They represent themselves.

Of course, the argument will follow that if they do not represent us properly, we can simply vote them out. And how has that worked out for us lately? The truth of the matter is that the lawmakers, those we vote into power, also make the laws concerning elections. As Vladimir Lenin said: “Those who cast the votes matter nothing, those who count the votes matter everything.”

Eventually, if any freedom is left at all, the Plutocrats will buy off the State and it‘s actions. If there is no freedom left (Totalitarianism), then the political elite will alone rule as the Oligarchy over the rest of us.