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Healthcare policeI watched this mildly informative, but very entertaining debate on the healthcare issue held at Duke University Law School on September 17, 2009 between Professors Barak Richman and Guy-Uriel Charles.  We are to assume the speakers are authorities in the subject matter because they are members of academia and have lots of letters after their names.  Personally, I found both men bright and entertaining enough to hold my interest for the 45 minute presentation.

One aspect of debate that was not addressed, nor is it very often, is the thesis that the state is illegitimate; therefore, not competent to resolve any market issue, including health care.  Once the public, or if the public, sees the state as a false certainty, the issue becomes much less confusing or complex. The emergent order of the market wants to arrive at equilibrium of health care services just as it wants to with cellular-telephone service.  Not every person can afford health care under the current model, but it seems any person can pull out their cell-phone and call their representatives to say they want free universal health care.

In the debate, there was a lot of talk about ideology; the need for ideology; the need to care for our fellow man.  What makes me chuckle is that implicit in the ideological need to care for our fellow man is a willingness to do so at the point of a gun. The ideology is that government cares for us so much that it will coerce us and if we fail to comply, they will kill us for our own good.

For all who advocate a public option, do not delude yourself that in order to get what you want; you won’t be a party to fraud, theft, assault, and murder.  You can rationalize your want as being empathy, but in reality the only instrument the government has access to is force and your advocacy encourages its use.

Now, if you’re a public plan person and you come to the table honestly to debate and state readily that you advocate violent coercion to make people do the “right thing” you at once garner more respect, but I doubt still that you can win this argument.   Name one government endeavor in which the government has succeeded other than war. 

Is Medicade/Medicare a success? No. Does our government adequately take care of its veterans? I don’t think so.  How about cash for clunkers? See, I made you laugh too.  Have you heard of Amtrak?  When was the last time you took a train anywhere?  What about the government’s oldest market intervention, the United States Post Office? It has been going broke slowly for over two hundred years.  Social Security is another soon to be bankrupt program designed to help us. There is not one government option success. Not one!

But now we debate whether we should give government an absolute monopoly over an industry it has destroyed by imposing cartels and oligopoly.  The moral justification given, to give the government that power is that the United States is the only industrialized nation to yet take what little freedom we have left and give it to a centralize authority who also holds the monopoly on the use of force option. England, France, Canada and others have all done so; therefore, it must be moral.  As one scholar once wrote, whose name eludes me at the moment but the statement has never been more poignant, “Americans have the conscience of an army on the march”.  If that be the public’s ideology, fraud, theft, assault and murder be moral.